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Tri-County Technical College

Differences Between High School and College

High School
Pencil Icon You do homework.
Higher GPA than in college Only study night before tests, GPR = 3.6
Other structure time Time is structured by others
Spend more hours in class Spend 30 hours/week in class
Frequent testing Testing is frequent and covers small amounts of material
Less studying outside of class May study outside of class as little as 0-2 hours/week
Little choice in schedule Little choice in your schedule
Teacher write notes Teachers write important information on the board for you to copy in notes
Homework can raise grade from test scores Home work grades may raise your overall grade when test grades are low
Others motivate you Others motivate you
Parents can receive direct communication Parents receive direct communication from HS
Reading Icon You study!
Lower GPA than in high school Only study night before tests, GPR = 2.3
You manage your time Manage your own time
Spend fewer hours in class May spend as few as 12-15 hours/week in class
Infrequent testing Testing is infrequent and covers large amounts of material
More studying outside of class Need to study 2-3 hours outside of class for every hour in class
Arrange own schedule Arrange your own schedule
You write notes Professors may lecture non-stop, you identify the important points
Tests/Major paper provide most of the course grade Grades on tests/major papers usually provide most of the course grade
Self-motivation is important Must motivate yourself
FERPA prevents unauthorized people from receiving information about your grades Communication is with student only (FERPA)

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