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MyTCTC Portal

MyTCTC is a mobile app and portal that provides a one-stop shop for student and employee resources. Information and services are organized in an efficient, easy-to-navigate tile format. Log in using your TCTC username and password. 


Log in to the web portal here:



My TCTC provides access to multiple resources and information, all in one convienent location. My TCTC provides:

  • Mobilized information
  • Innovative communication
  • General and specific notifications
  • Customizable view 


MyTCTC provides a way for all users to organize tiles and notifications in their preferred way. Students and employees are able to:

  • Move and arrange tiles 
  • Add and remove selected tiles 
  • Synchronize web customizations across devices, retaining the same layout
  • Retain app customizations locally when using the MyTCTC app


The MyTCTC app is available for download via the official Apple and Google app/play stores. 

MyTCTC works on the web in the current internet browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer


TCTC believes in providing and supporting a transformative experience for students, faculty, and staff. As we receive feedback from users, modifications and enhancements are made to increase efficiency and ease-of-use, whenever possible. 


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