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Ways We Can Help


The Learning Commons provides students with thousands of print and electronic resources. Our librarians are available to assist students with the research process and principles of digital literacy.

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The Learning Commons offers one-on-one and small group tutoring in a variety of subject areas, both face-to-face and online. In addition to content specific support, the LC also offers academic coaching for college success.

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The Makerspace at the Learning Commons is a place for students to collaborate and create. The Makerspace is continually building resources to provide students a functional space to create.


Supplemental Instruction

Offered in partnership with the Bridge to Clemson program, Supplemental Instruction is a collaborative review session led by former students in historically difficult courses. SI sessions meet weekly in the Learning Commons.

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Supporting Faculty & Staff

Request a Workshop

The Learning Commons is happy to offer a variety of workshops to support instruction inside the classroom. These workshops are interactive and engage students through active learning. To request a workshop, please contact Hannah Fakoornejad

Reserve a Space

Enhance your classroom activities by utilizing one of our spaces in the Learning Commons.  Whether it be our sandbox classroom, computer lab, or Makerspace, our spaces are great for encouraging student collaboration and promoting interactive learning. To reserve a room in the Learning Commons, contact us at


Mission Statement

The Learning Commons empowers the college community to achieve student academic success by providing integrated tutoring and library resources. By combining student-centered collaboration with personalized or group instruction in a technology-rich environment, the Learning Commons prepares students to succeed in the challenges of work, life, and citizenship.