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If you are a student experiencing long-term health impacts from COVID-19, we welcome you to complete the Initial Request for Accessibility Services form below to put academic accommodations and supports in place. Documentation can include a positive Covid-19 test result. Contact the ARC with any questions using

The faculty and staff at Tri-County Technical College are dedicated to providing all students equitable access to programs and services by providing meaningful accommodations to students with disabilities that promote success and independence. Please use the links below for easy navigation to request services, find additional information, or utilize available tools and resources.

Students requesting accommodation and accessibility supports for the first time:

Returning Students requesting their new semester FNF/Accommodations:

Additional Information:

A Note to Parents, Guardians, and People of Support

You’ve played an integral role in ensuring your student’s success in the past. Your student is now attending Tri-County Technical College which means you’ve done a great job! Your role now will look different as you support and encourage your student to manage their own responsibilities, needs, and disability. Only in extreme circumstances, such as those that threaten the health and wellbeing of the student, will direct contact on your student’s behalf be appropriate.

The ARC is one of many resources here to support your student. Other resources included TCTC Wellness Services, the Tutoring Center, and many others built into the campus as a whole. We urge you to explore these resources together online and discuss how your student can seek out any assistance they may need. We love to help students! You can find specific information on the resources available on and off campus under our “Support Resources” tab and elsewhere on the website.

Waiver to Share Information

Written consent must be received by students in order for our office to communicate with parents, guardians, and other support people. This can be done in TC Central, First Floor, Ruby Hicks (Pendleton Campus). Even with consent, our office still prefers for all communication to be made with the student whenever possible.