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Tri-County Technical College

At Tri-County Technical College, our goal is to provide a Transformative Student Experience (TSE). The TSE ignites student transformation by creating a challenging, caring and supportive learning environment where everyone embraces personal responsibility for:

  • Maintaining High Standards
  • Investing in Each Other
  • Engaging in Authentic and Open Communication
  • And Cultivating a Sense of Belonging

Everything that we do at the College is grounded in student success. Their success is our success and a major source of pride and inspiration for our employees.

Like most community colleges, Tri-County’s credit student population is non-traditional. The average age is 22.1, and logging an average of 24.6 hours per week on the job, 66.9% work while attending classes.

Our Student Profile

Bridge to Clemson

All students commute to classes or blend traditional day and/or evening classes with online offerings, as the College has no residence facilities. Approximately 900 students are enrolled in a residential partnership program with Clemson University, where they live on Clemson’s campus. The Bridge to Clemson program offers a unique freshman year that blends the traditional academic experience at Tri-County with the social and cultural opportunities of being a Clemson University student.

Approximately 80 percent of our student receive some type of financial aid, thanks to numerous Foundation-sponsored scholarships, Federal and State tuition assistance programs.