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Tri-County Technical College

The appeal process is a 2 step process.

Step 1.Fill out and submit the form below.

Step 2. Review of the appeal will be done by a committee that consists of Faculty, Staff, and student populations.  

The identities of the violator are not disclosed to prevent personal bias from entering the process. We are trying very hard to have a fair and impartial way of handling ticket appeals, while continuing to enforce the very necessary parking rules and regulations of the campus.

Once submitted, the person completing this form will be notified via TCTC e-mail when a decision concerning the appeal is rendered.  Once a decision is rendered, there are no provisions through the Campus Police or Parking Enforcement for appeal of an unfavorable appeal decision.

(Failure to provide this information will automatically result in this appeal being rejected)

If person submitting this form does not have a phone number, type NONE.

If the person submitting this form is the vehicle owner, type SAME

Please enter all relevant information you wish to be considered.