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Tri-County Technical College

The Campus Police Department leads a College-wide effort to ensure a safe environment for all students, employees, and visitors by providing professional law enforcement and security services, community education and outreach, and effective emergency planning and response. We provide services on all campuses and are staffed by Campus Police Officers certified by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy and commissioned by the Office.

Updates and Reminders

PARKING: Students must park in student parking spaces and lots only. Employee parking is designated by green stripes and Visitor parking is marked accordingly. Handicap parking spaces are regulated by the State of South Carolina and violators are subject to a $500 fine.  The striped blue spaces beside handicap spaces provide access for individuals in wheelchairs.
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Campus Police Services 

Crime Logs 
The Campus Safety Daily Crime Log is maintained in the Campus Police Department to provide information about incidents occurring on campus and to promote awareness. This is a record of all criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents reported and handled by the Campus Police Department. Anyone wishing to review the official log may do so at the Campus Police Office.

Safety Classes 
The Tri-County Technical College Campus Police focus on improving the safety and well-being of all Tri-County students, faculty and staff by offering classes related to crime prevention and campus safety topics. 

Upon request, the Campus Police can provide students, faculty and staff with classes tailored to any specific concerns you may have. 

Classes can be provided for individuals or groups.  Examples of class topics that can be provided include personal defense, internet safety, defensive driving, pedestrian safety, crime prevention techniques, as well as others.  Interested in a safety topic not listed?  Please contact us to make a request.

Safety Escort 
The Campus Police routinely patrol the college's three main campuses in both marked and unmarked vehicles, as well as on foot.  The campuses are also patrolled by local sheriff's departments.  If staffing is available, a Campus Police will escort you to your vehicle after hours or any time you are concerned for your safety.  Please call 864-646-1800 to request an escort from Campus Police.