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Campus Police Staff

Message from the Chief 

On behalf of the Tri-County Technical College Police Department, I would like to say welcome to all faculty, staff, students, and community partners to a rich environment of learning, and a community college that is highly dedicated to student success.

The Tri-County Technical College Police Department is comprised of highly-trained, competent, and professional law enforcement staff who have many years of experience in the law enforcement profession. We have eleven sworn law enforcement officers who are certified through the State of South Carolina, SCCJA (South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy), two security officers who are certified through SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division), and one administrative assistant. These officers are stationed in all five of our locations to include: the Pendleton Campus, Anderson Campus, Oconee Campus, and Easley Campus. We also provide security services to the Industrial Technology Center.

It is our duty to provide optimal safety and security to all members of the Tri-County Technical College Community, as well as enforce the laws of the great state of South Carolina. Our motto “The courage to protect, the compassion to serve”, states exactly the kind of service we want to provide to all faculty, staff, and students alike.

The Tri-County Technical College values diversity, and we are committed to providing fair and impartial law enforcement services to the entire campus community.

We partner with all local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to be able to provide the best law enforcement services possible. We take pride in building strong relationships that will prove beneficial to protecting and serving all members of the college.

We hope this information was helpful, and I encourage you to assist us in making Tri-County Technical College one of the safest colleges in the State of South Carolina. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.



Marcus Guess, Chief of Police

Marcus Guess, Chief of Police


Linda Conwell, Administrative Assistant


William Albert, Sergeant 


Shaun Chastain, Sergeant 


Jeremiah Vissage, Sergeant


Mike Eppes, Police Officer


Amanda McAbee, Police Officer 


Officer Daphney Miller 800X921

Daphney Miller, Security Officer


Joshua Eppes, Police Officer 


David King, Police Officer


Patrick Krigbaum, Police Officer


Malissa Wood, Police Officer


Elaine Alexander, Security Officer 


Jamie Hill, Police Officer