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We Owe a Debt of Gratitude To All of You

“We all are moving in the right direction, and it is remarkable what we can accomplish by working together” - President Ronnie L. Booth

The partnerships we have with business and industry produce what is truly a win, win, win, win scenario. Wins for the company, the College, the students we serve and our community.

Our business and industry partnerships enable companies to keep the College up to date on what’s on the horizon. They know what their future needs will be and they work with us to ensure we have the best equipment and strongest curriculum to prepare our students to go to work right away. This pipeline of skilled workers is imperative to growth of our communities and health of our families. Some additional benefits include:

  • Increased employee retention rates;

  • Improved skill and education levels;

  • Expanded employee diversity;

  • Stronger performance and productivity.

Businesses who partner with Tri-County are able to see a positive return on their training investments.

Check out a few of the great partnerships we currently have:

Customized Training

In addition to providing a pipeline of of skilled workers to area employers, the College also provides customized training for business and industry. Whatever your organizational needs are, we’ll deliver the training you want, where you want it, and when–all for an affordable cost.

  • What you want. We’ll conduct an in-depth assessment of your training needs and recommend the right course or courses to help you reach your performance objectives.
  • Where you want it. We’ll deliver one course or a full program at your site, at an off-site location, or at any of our facilities.
  • When you want it. We’ll offer courses any time–day, evening, third shift, weekend, or even a blending of online and on-site. Our flexible scheduling helps you minimize disruptions to your employees’ work schedule.

For additional details, call 864-646-1700 or e-mail