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Tri-County Technical College

What is CONTRIBUTE 2019?

An annual giving campaign benefiting Tri-County Technical College.  Staff, faculty, alumni, and friends are on a mission to transform lives one student at a time. The annual giving campaign will take place during November to benefit scholarships and priority needs.



Supporting your community college is easy. You can CONTRIBUTE online. You can mail a contribution with a printable FORM. Employees can use this enrollment FORM for payroll deduction giving.



The Goal


  • One gift of $45 provides medicine to prepare a dog or cat for adoption through our Veterinary Technology Program.
  • Just 75 people giving $20 each fund a student scholarship.


THE GOAL IS PARTICIPATION! Together, your gift will join other gifts to remove financial barriers for so many. You become part of the transformative process of education!


All contributors will be recognized as a college donor in Tri-County Technical College community annual report.

HELP us with our next great success. Contribute NOW.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Foundation is tasked with raising funds to help close the budget gap between state funding and tuition revenue.  Foundation staff is ready to match your specific interest with identified needs. The Foundation gifted back to the College a total of $1,109,476 last year supporting scholarships, professional development, and program enhancements. Every gift provides an improved opportunity for a student.

Can I direct how my gift is used?

Absolutely. Direct contributions to emerging priorities, or simply designate your giving to general areas such as scholarships, technology, or professional development for example. Student gifts all support student scholarships. There are program specific donor opportunities like naming a kennel in the Veterinary Technology Animal House, or naming a classroom in honor of a loved one or for company recognition. If you would like to talk about other types of giving, please call Tammy Fiske at 864-646-1812.

Can I Set-Up Re-Occurring Giving?

All donors can contribute a one-time gift or re-occurring giving. Schedule a monthly contribution through your bank. See on-line options

Does the Foundation Accept Matched Gifts?

Oh Yes! Several employers in our area match charitable giving of their employees. Matching gifts are corporate donations in which a company matches the gift of the employee. Don’t overlook this opportunity to double your family gift.           

Incentives & Thank You Gifts

There are items specific to students, staff and faculty, and community contributions. Learn more about Employee incentives here. Call Tammy Fiske with questions at 864-646-1812.


“Tri-County’s programs prepare a people very well for the local industry, large and small. Graduates stay here with good paying jobs and support the area. This also encourages other businesses to locate here further expanding Economic Development and opportunity.” - Scott Miller, Easley, Community Donor

“When everyone does a little, the impact can be pretty big and impressive. Supporting education really helps everyone.”
Larry Barnes, Alumni, Information Technology

“I believe in giving back. What better way than to give to our students than by giving through the Foundation. The scholarship opportunities the Foundation provides help our students to achieve their goals and better their lives. I feel blessed that I have the chance to be a part of impacting students’ lives this way." - Keri- Catalfomo, Department Head Mathematics

“As a full-time nursing student who worked part-time while juggling nearly 100 hours of outside clinical requirements, scholarship support was an essential part of my education plan. The generosity of others supporting scholarships helped me receive the better education and achieve my dream. I am excited for when I am able to return the favor in the future and make a difference in a student’s life.” - Emily Washam, Alumni 2017 Associate in Nursing

“I choose to give to Veterinary Technology. This is the best way for me, short adopting ten dogs, to support my love of animals. The program relies heavily on donors to support medicine and food needs of the animals and to prepare them for public adoption. This program is second to none, the department is the most passionate you will find and I can say I helped to find homes for some of the hundreds of shelter animals that come through Tri-County Technical College.” - Tammy Fiske, Staff, Institutional Advancement

“As the former Economic Developer for Oconee County, I know the value of the programs provided by TCTC. They are the key to providing the skilled workforce needed by our businesses and industries in our region. They reach out to the “customers” and respond with programs. TCTC works closely with all levels of government. These partnerships provide World-Class results. The new Oconee Campus is an innovative approach to meet the needs of local business and industries in coordination with the local school district. It is truly one-of-a-kind. Tri-County deserves our support." - Jim Alexander, Retired, Oconee County

"Generosity consists not the sum given, but the manner in which it is bestowed" - Mahatma Gandhi

Contributions will be processed through the Tri-County Technical College Foundation, a 501 (C)3 organization. Gifts made are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. No percentage of gifts support Foundation expenses. For more information, please contact Tammy Fiske, Director of Annual Giving at 864-646-1812 or