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Tri-County Technical College Department Directory

Welcome to Tri-County Technical College's Department Directory! Here you can view the academic contacts brochure. Also available to you is a list of College department locations and main office line.

Campus Telephone Directory

The listing below includes extension numbers, which also serve as the last four digits for the College's direct dial telephone system.

  • Toll Free within the 864 area code: 1-866-269-5677; then enter the four-digit extension from the list below.
  • Long distance outside the 864 area code:-864-(seven-digit number from list below)
  • Emergency



Office Phone Email Location
Admissions, Recruitment and Orientation 646-1550  RH180
Adult Education 646-1837   IB100
Arts and Sciences Division Office 646-1425  OH103
Bridge Programs 646-1681  AD168
Business & Public Services Division Office 646-1350  PK101
Campus Police 646-1800  PK138
Cashiers Office 646-8282 Opt. 2  RH134
Corporate and Community Education (CCE) Division Office 646-1700   IB100
Corporate and Communication Education Division - Health Care 646-1730   IB100
Comp Studies 646-1450    
Engineering and Industrial Technology Division Office 646-1375    
Foundation Office 646-2035   FF100
Health Education Division Office 646-1400 FP300
High School Engagement and Outreach 646-1505  AD111
Housekeeping 646-1856   FP200
Human Resources 646-1792  AD200
I-BEST 646-1461  PK125
Internet Bookstore 646-1825   SC150
IT Service Desk 646-1779 SC101
Learning Commons 646-1750  SC300
Maintenance 646-1843   PP100
Placement Center  646-1300  RH170
Shipping and Receiving 646-1771   SC131
Student Development  646-1569  SC151
Tutoring Center 646-1367  SC109
TC Central 646-8282 Opt. 1  RH105
Anderson Campus 260-6700  AC108
Easley Campus 220-8887  EC100
Oconee Campus 613-1900  OC100