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COVID-19 Update 04/10/20

April 10: A Message to Employees from President DeHay


As you saw in the Employee and Student Announcement on Monday, April 6, we have made decisions regarding summer courses. All summer courses will be offered online through June 19, 2020. At this time, we are planning to offer on-campus classes after June 19, 2020, to accommodate labs and other hands-on technical program requirements. While it may seem early to make decisions about summer delivery format, we did not want to delay registration any further, and students, faculty and staff need time to plan accordingly.


As I reflect on our work during the past several weeks, the experience feels akin to changing the tires on a moving car. We learned on the fly and succeeded in the enormous effort to move courses and services online. I recognize the transition to online work is requiring extra time and effort to maintain quality delivery and service to students. I am deeply grateful for your dedication to student learning in this difficult time, especially when your personal lives are also impacted by the novel Coronavirus. Please continue to avail yourself of online teaching resources and remain flexible as we continue to adapt to changing conditions.


As we turn our focus to completing the spring semester and preparing for the summer term, I want to remind everyone to remain focused on the four priorities we identified when the pandemic first disrupted our operations:


  • Deliver and support online instruction
  • Offer student support services at a distance
  • Orient and advise new and continuing students at a distance
  • Ensure business continuity


Everything else will take a back seat to ensure we deliver on these priorities. To reinforce our focus on these priorities, I’ve made the decision to temporarily suspend the following administrative activities until the start of the 2020-2021 academic year:


  • Academic Program Review
  • 21st Century Outcomes Assessment
  • Community College Survey of Student Engagement
  • Program student learning outcomes assessments (unless required by a specific program accrediting body)
  • Strategic planning


Finally, please continue to be supportive of our students and each other during this unprecedented time. Everyone is experiencing this pandemic, but we all experience it differently. Now, more than ever, we must do our utmost to protect those among us who are most vulnerable and treat one another with kindness, generosity and respect. Please reach out to others, and let a trusted colleague know if you are in need.


The heart and soul of our work is reflected in our vision statement: Passionate People Transforming Lives and Building Strong Communities - One Student at a Time. Thank you for being true to our vision as we continue our journey.


Be careful, and be well.


In your service,

Galen DeHay, President