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COVID-19 Update 03/13/20


Tri-County Technical College and Clemson University officials are closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are actively engaged in daily planning in an effort to inform and reduce the risk to faculty, staff, students and visitors from the virus.

As you should be aware, Clemson University released a statement today announcing that Clemson “made the decision to move all classes at Clemson to online instruction following spring break until at least March 30.” You can see the full CU SAFE ALERT message along with all others as they release them here:

At this time, Tri-County classes are continuing in person as scheduled. This is an emerging situation; please continue to check your email for Tri-County updates. As a Bridge to Clemson student, please note that Clemson University Housing & Dining will remain open, as will Redfern Health Center. See your Clemson email for specific notifications of any modified operations after spring break.

It is essential that all students and employees are knowledgeable about how to prevent the transmission of respiratory viruses as well as how to watch for signs of infection. Any updates will be included on each institutional webpage:

Please continue checking your official Tri-County and Clemson email accounts daily. You will receive these important messages via your official email account with each institution ( or