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COVID-19 Update 03/09/20


As of March 9, 2020, according to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control they are currently monitoring 16 cases and 6 presumptive positive cases.

At this point, it is essential that all employees and students are knowledgeable about how to prevent the transmission of respiratory viruses as well as how to watch for signs of infection. Here is a link from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention on methods for prevention and treatment:

The College is reviewing its Pandemic Flu/Epidemic Disease Outbreak Response and will post updates via College announcements and eTC. Let's all commit to doing our part by remaining educated on this situation, as well as being vigilant in stopping the transmission of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus and other respiratory viruses. Follow this link for preventative measures from SCDHEC:

FACULTY/STAFF MEETING: As the COVID -19 virus is a serious threat to people with a suppressed immune system and those who might have underlying health issues, we are reminding faculty and staff that the upcoming faculty/staff meeting on Wednesday, March 11th, is available via live stream.  If you are not feeling well, or have  a suppressed immune system, we encourage you to join the meeting via live stream. We continue to monitor the situation, and at this time the CDC does not recommend closing schools or canceling public events. A plan of action is under development, should we have to close for any extended time due to the virus.