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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions: Admissions and Orientation

Given the current health crisis, we are unable to offer in-person orientations at this time. We hope to be able to open orientation sessions soon but in the meantime want to continue to provide you with the information and resources you need to be well-prepared to start classes and about the resources available to you outside of the classroom. We are in the process of developing virtual and phone orientation options and will reach out to you directly to get scheduled for of those formats or a future orientation session soon.

We are working diligently to make arrangements for students to attend an orientation session. We want our students to be oriented well and be successful at TCTC. As soon as orientation sessions are available the Recruitment, Admissions, and Orientation team will be reaching out to students individually.

Yes. While you cannot come to campus and submit requirements in person, you can still submit transcripts and application fees electronically or by mail. If you need to complete Accuplacer, the College is determining options for testing. You may follow-up with the Recruitment, Admissions, and Orientation team at or 864.646.1550, if you have additional questions or concerns regarding requirements.

The College will remain closed to the public through the remainder of the semester.

If you are admitted to the College, you may request an acceptance letter by reaching out to the Recruitment, Admissions, and Orientation team at or 864.646.1550

We are working to be flexible with students completing their admission steps. While we cannot extend the deadline past the start of classes, we will work with students on an individual basis to help make the admission process as manageable as possible.

All dual enrollment orientations scheduled in March will be re-scheduled for a later date in April or May.  We will work with each high school to ensure students receive an appropriate orientation and have all questions answered prior to the end of the school year.  TCP students should check their TCTC emails on a regular basis for updates relating to the Technical Career Pathways Transition Orientations.

We expect a delay in processing admission of dual enrollment students since dual enrollment students cannot be admitted without the permission form signed by the high school counselor, principal, or designee.  Students should apply online at and select the dual enrollment application.  The permission form can be found at  Please print the form and collect all required signatures.  We anticipate that you will be able to obtain the signature from your high school at the time in which you return to school.  As soon as you receive all required signatures, please send to  We will process your admission as soon as possible and contact you if more information is needed.  After you are admitted, we will register you for classes or contact you if we have questions.