Change of Residency Status

Tri-County Technical College determines residency based on South Carolina law and Commission on Higher Education regulations.

There is a difference in tuition for residents of South Carolina, for residents of Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens counties, and non-residents of these areas for tuition purposes.

Residency factors may include length of time domiciled in state or county, employment, type of visa, dependency, and military status. The resident status of a dependent person is based on the resident status of the person who claims him or her as a dependent on federal tax returns and provides more than half of his or her support.

The initial residency classification is made at the time of admission and prevails each semester until the determination can be successfully challenged. To request clarification of your residency determination, please click on the following link.

To request clarification of your residency determination

In-County Residency Requirements
A student petitioning to change to in-county must submit a copy of his/her lease agreement or closing document to Student Records, 190 Miller Hall. To qualify, the student must have been domiciled in Anderson, Oconee, or Pickens County continuously for at least twelve months immediately preceding the first day of class of the term for which resident classification is sought.

The petition deadline is the last day of drop for Session A classes for the term in which the student is attempting to qualify for in-county tuition. Petitions submitted after this deadline will not be considered for in-county tuition for the term.

Affidavit of Residency Status form (PDF)

In-State Residency Requirements
If changing residency from out-of-state to any other residency status, a Residency Application must be completed and submitted to the Residency Officer (190 Miller Hall) for processing.

In order for residency status to be evaluated before the tuition due date, the residency packet must be submitted to the residency officer (190 Miller Hall, Pendleton Campus) no later than seven (7) days prior to the tuition due date (as indicated on the Enrollment and Academic Calendar) for the term in which the student is attempting to qualify for in-state tuition. Applications submitted after this initial deadline through the last day of classes will still be considered. However, the student must pay out-of-state tuition prior to the tuition due date. If in-state residency is then granted, the student will receive a refund of the tuition difference.

In-State Residency Application (PDF)
South Carolina Residency Law (PDF)
South Carolina Residency Regulations (PDF)

Questions regarding residency status should be directed to Mr. Scott Harvey, Registrar.

Residency Appeals
Any person, following a decision on his or her resident classification, may appeal the decision to the Tri-County Technical College's residency appeals committee. This committee, however, is bound by the same laws and regulations as the residency officer, so its purpose is only to review the facts and details of any case and to evaluate the correctness of the decision made by the campus residency officer. Neither the committee nor the residency officer may waive the provisions of the law or regulations.

Persons wishing to appeal a residency decision must provide a letter to the residency officer informing the officer that they want to appeal the decision. The letter must also include a summary of the person's situation and a statement which specifies the residency provision under which the person feels he or she qualifies to pay in-state fees. The residency officer will then schedule a meeting of the appeals committee as soon as possible to hear the appeal.

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