Leading EDGE Workshop Series

What is the Leading EDGE Workshop Series?

The leading EDGE Workshop Series is a great way to learn about a variety of topics that will help you succeed in higher education as well as the real world! These fun and interactive courses are taught by faculty, staff, and outside speakers on a variety of important topics that will help you stand out and get ahead!

Workshops will be held every Monday and Wednesday, from 1:20 PM-2:20 PM in the Tutoring Center, located in the Student Center, Room 109 (SC-109). Five workshops from each of five tracks will be offered each semester for a total of 25 workshops. 

What's in it for Me?

Students who attend the Leading EDGE Workshop Series will be exposed to many of the "soft skills" that play a vital role in both higher education and today's workplace. Topics ranging from financial management to having a competive edge during an interview and much more will be covered over the course of the academic year. Plus, there will be prizes!

Campus Store Bucks

Any student who attends a Leading EDGE workshop is eligible for a door prize at the conclusion of the workshop. 

 Any student who attends 5 workshops (across all tracks) in the semester will receive  $15 in Campus Store Bucks coupons.

Any student who completes all 5 workshops in one track in the semester will also be included in a drawing for a larger prize (iPad™, Notebook, etc.).

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What Leading EDGE Tracks are Offered?

The following Leading EDGE Workshop Series tracks are being offered during the Fall 2014 semester.

Academic Skills (AS)                           academic skills

Students who complete this track will have the opportunity to examine their learning styles, learn about organization and how to manage college responsibilities with the demands of daily life. In addition, they will have an awareness of service learning opportunities, and the necessary skills to be academically successful in both associate and baccalaureate degree programs. Upon completion, students will be able to apply these skills to their academic and professional goals.


Career and Employability Skills (CE) career and employability

Students who complete this track will gain an understanding of the preparation necessary to begin career planning and the search for employment. This will include the ability to write an effective résumé, interview with confidence and network well for one's career. Additionally, job fairs and employer panels will expose students to area employers. Career-specific presentations will provide information about possibilities for internships and co-ops in different majors.


Personal Growth and Development (PD)    personal growth and development

Students who complete this track will gain a better awareness of their personal strengths and weaknesses. They will develop concrete skills to enhance their personalities and relationships, while learning to appreciate cultures, life experiences and worldviews different from their own. These students will also gain strategies to better cope and manage their personal demands and responsibilities. They will also have a better understanding of what it means to maintain a healthy body and mind, and to make educated choices when it comes to their overall physical and mental health.


Navigating Leadership (NL)                        navigating leadership

Students who complete this track will be prepared to take on leadership roles and responsibilities. They will begin to develop a personal philosophy of leadership by learning about multiple leadership techniques, theories and models. These students will be able to apply skills learned to everyday life and work situations and appreciate diverse leadership styles, skills, and personalities.


Dollars and Sense (DS)                           Dollars and Sense

Students who complete this track will gain an awareness of the various means available to pay for college and how to access them. In addition, they will learn basic money management techniques, how to set and meet financial goals, and the proper use of credit.


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