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Workshops can be requested  by  groups of students, by individual students or by instructors for their classes. Read the list of workshops and workshop descriptions below. Scheduling of workshops at any of the TCTC campuses is handled by the Coordinator of Tutoring who can be reached at 864-646-1367 or at

Dial that Test Anxiety Down a Notch or Two

A little anxiety can be a good thing during a test; however, too much anxiety can cause you to forget everything you have learned. What are some good techniques to handle the anxiety?
Get in Shape for Finals Finals week requires students to be mentally and physically fit.  How can you begin now to make this happen for you?
Getting Your Money's Worth from a College Textbook Textbooks are expensive. Some of them are also huge and intimidating. You cannot possibly read most of them cover to cover.  How can you learn to find and read what you need to learn from your textbooks?  
GPA: A Number You Create Like blood pressure, taxes, and debt, Grade Point Average (GPA) is a number students must understand. Keep up with your GPA and know how it is determined.  Keeping a good GPA is easier than pulling one up.
How to Take Notes in Class Active listening and good note taking skills are necessary for college success.  Learn to listen for key points and possible test material during class.  Examine and perfect your own note taking style.
Memory Tips With so much new material to remember in college, take advantage of all of the tips and brain research included in this workshop.
Plagiarism: How to Avoid It Avoiding plagiarism requires careful attention to your writing. Students tend to plagiarize most often when they hurriedly write a research paper. 
Procrastinators Anonymous: Controlling a Bad Habit Procrastinating is a difficult habit to break. Come to this workshop to learn ways to control this habit that leads to stress and bad grades in college. Procrastination is not a matter of simple "laziness," and "better time management" may not be the solution.
Reading Skills for College Students This workshop will focus on ways to deal effectively with the large amount of reading required in college.
SQ3R vs. Study Cycle What is special about these well-known study techniques? THEY WORK! How do they differ and which one will work best for you?
Starting Out Strong: Habits of Successful College Students Come learn the habits that successful college students know and use.
Sticker Shock--So You Made a Bad Grade How you respond to a bad grade or failure in general is critical to your success in college and in life. Let's talk about dealing life's speed bumps.
Study Groups--How to Get Started You will leave this workshop with a kit to form your own study group. 
Study Skills that Work You may have been told to study more, but have you been told how to study effectively?  If not, come to this workshop.
Test Taking Tips Taking objective tests, filling in blanks, or writing for an essay test require different skills.  College tests are quite different from high school tests. Professors expect you to do much more than simply repeat something you have memorized. Try these tips for success.
Time Management:  When the Going Gets Tough, Successful College Students PLAN Examine ideas, tools, and strategies to create a better time management plan to become an organized, less stressed student.



Absent Professor Program

When professors know they will have to miss a class, they can contact the Tutoring Center Coordinator about the possibility of scheduling a workshop for that class or about designing an activity that will help the students with an upcoming assignment.


September 24, 2015   National Punctuation Day

October 5-9, 2015        Tutor Appreciation Week

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