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Spring 2014 TCTC Tutoring Center Workshop Schedule

Wednesday January 22 1:30-2:15 SC 109 Time Management–Is it possible to have time for school, all other obligations, and fun?
Monday January 27 1:30-2:15 SC 109 Note Taking–What should you write down? Should you try to use a particular format? Which format?
  By Request     Basic Computer Skills–How do I get to Word and what do those symbols across the top mean?
  By Request     Introduction to the TI-83 Calculator
Wednesday January 29 1:30-2:15 SC 109 Test-Taking Strategies–There are tips that work! Why not use them?
Monday February 3 1:30-2:15 SC 109 The Latest Study Skills Tips -–Do you believe better study skills can relieve stress?
Wednesday February 5 1:30-2:15 SC 109 A College Student's Comparison/Contrast Essay -- Your writing must grow up.
Wednesday February 12 1:30-2:15 SC 109 How to Write a Love Letter -– An Endearing Skill
Monday February 17 1:30-2:15 SC 109 How to Write a Research Paper -–Tame the Paper Tiger
Wednesday February 19 1:30-2:15 SC 109 Getting Better Grades by Using Your Textbook? –Textbooks are expensive, and many students rarely use them. Let's take another look. Bring at least one textbook to the workshop.
Monday February 24 1:30-2:15 SC 109 Safe Writing–Avoid plagiarize.
Wednesday February 26 1:30-2:15 SC 109 Memories...Learn tips and tricks to remember information. Learn how the brain works.
The Tutoring Center Workshops will be offered in SC 109 during Activity Period (1:15-2:30) on Mondays and Wednesdays. Instructors may request the workshops for their classes on any TCTC campus or at a high school campus by calling the Coordinator of Tutoring at 646-1367.

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