The World Class Training Center offers many industry-related courses designed to support manufacturing excellence.

South Carolina Manufacturing Certification (SCMC)

The Center for Workforce Excellence and Tri County Technical College are pleased to announce their participation in a statewide program called South Carolina Manufacturing Certification (SCMC). This program is designed to prepare participants for careers in advanced manufacturing by giving them a skill set that is needed to be successful in today's advanced manufacturing environment. South Carolina is a state that is committed to industry and manufacturing, realizing that manufacturing jobs are the heart of our country's economy.

For more details on the SCMC program:

CNC Operator Training

This introductory course, designed to prepare individuals to begin work in the machining industry as CNC operators, covers all aspects of CNC manufacturing at the basic level. During the course, students will be exposed to shop equipment and the shop environment, applying what they learn. Safety is integrated into the curriculum and will be enforced throughout the program. Lecture is integrated with hands-on lessons in the shop to develop a greater understanding CNC machining. Students may earn an OSHA 10-hour card and a NIMS certification.

For more details, please contact Richard Parker - 864-646-1718 or

Metrology and Prints
Our course offerings related to measuring product quality include training on the following:

  • Blueprint Reading
  • Precision Measurement
  • Geometric Measurement and Tolerancing (GD & T)

Material Handling
We offer basic operation and safety training for Powered Industrial Trucks. Participants receive training on Forklift pre-operation checks and safe operating procedures, including basic exercises on a forklift. This course is NOT for final certification. The employer must certify that an operator has been trained and evaluated as required by the OSHA standard.

Train the Trainer
Improve in-house training (OJT) by developing an in house training team. Our Train-the-Trainer program provides your trainer with information, materials, references, and examples to develop or improve organization-specific training. Course includes a review of adult learning principles, effective material development, and OJT delivery guidelines.

To schedule a Train-the-Trainer event, or for more information on our Train-the-Trainer options, please contact Ron Humphries - (864) 646-1723 or

Lean Manufacturing
We offer a full range of courses related to Lean Manufacturing and Process Improvement. For information about those programs, please click here .

Maintenance Technician Skills - Mechatronics
Mechatronics is a new, interdisciplinary field involving control systems, electronic systems, computers, and mechanical systems that integrates product design and automates manufacturing processes. More information about the Mechatronics program is available on the Maintenance page.

 For more information, call (864) 646-1700 or toll free 866-269-5677, Ext 1700 (within the 864 area code) or e-mail

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