Foundations Technician Re-Certification




Course Description:
The Foundations Technician Certification course is intended to prepare the technician to monitor and document drilled shaft and driven pile operations resulting in safe foundation installation per contract documents.  Individuals who complete this course will be re-certified to perform Foundations Technician duties on SCDOT projects.  The re-certification course contains a general overview as well as a review of all specification and procedural changes that may have occurred.  The instructors for the course are made up of knowledgeable industry consultants and SCDOT representatives.

Course Outline:
To become re-certified, participants must attend a two-and-a-half (2 ½) day course and pass two written exams (one on pile driving and one on drilled shaft construction) with a score of 80% or higher on each of the two exams.  Both written exams are open book and open notes.  Topics covered include:

  • Pile Driving System
  • Pile Installation Plan
  • Pile Driving Process
  • Drilled Shaft Subsurface Investigation
  • Drilled Shaft Definitions
  • Drilled Shaft Construction
  • Drilling Slurry
  • Drilled Shaft Concrete
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Forms
  • Case Studies

Entry Requirements/What to Expect:


  • Current Foundations Technician Certification
  • Current SCDOT Concrete Level 2 Technician, including ACI Field Grade 1 Certification

Frequency of Re-certification:
The certification period is five years.  It is the responsibility of the individual to keep track of his/her certification expiration date. The individual is also responsible for registering for the re-certification course, attending the re-certification course, and passing the written exam with a score of 80% or higher.

Re-certification Date Policy (as of June 2005):
The SCDOT Technician Certification Board hereby requests that the certification expiration dates for re-certifications obtained within one year prior to the technician's original date of expiration be issued based on the original expiration date. For example, if a technician's certification expires April 2006, and that technician passes a re-certification exam in April 2005, his/her certification will be extended five years from the original April 2006 date to April 2011. However, if that technician chooses to attend a re-certification course in March 2005 and passes the exam, the re-certification will be valid from March 2005 to March 2010 (because the technician passed the exam outside of the one-year window). If that technician does not obtain the re-certification before April 2006, then his/her certification expires on that date. 

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