Hospital and Medical Coding Specialist Certificate

What is a Medical Coder?
Medical coders work in the billing office, or "back office", of medical practices or hospitals.  Medical coders help to complete, review, and process medical claims to help physician practices and hospitals get reimbursed from insurance companies for services and facilities provided to patients. 

Each medical procedure and patient encounter has a number, or CPT code, associated with it which corresponds to another code for a diagnosis (an ICD code).  This helps insureance companies account for and track the money they reimburse to physicians' practices or hospitals and other healthcare providers to help prevent fraudulent medical claims or errors in payment. 

Skills Required
Medical coders need to work well with numbers and should have a great attention to detail.  While much of the job entails administrative tasks such as reviewing, processing, and submitting medical claims, some interpersonal skills are also necessary.  At times, the medical coder may have to obtain additional information from a physician or other medical provider in teh office.  Also, the medical coder may have to contact insurance companies regarding questions about claimes.  Medical coders should also be comfortable working with computers and various types of medical coding and billing software programs. 

Course Description
With an emphasis on competencies needed for success as as an entry level employee in health information, this program can provide you a solid foundation for opportunities in this area of healthcare.  A series of courses is required to complete our Hospital and Medical Coding Specialist Certificate.  After successful completion of this 9-course program, you may elect to sit for one of the national exams for coders: AHIMA (CCS) or AAPC (CPC). 

The preferred sequencing of course offerings is as follows:

Medical Terminology with Anatomy and Physiology
Human Diseases and Pharmacology
Health Systems and Professionalism
Medical Coding (CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9 with introduction to ICD-10CM and PCS)
Medical Insurance and Billing Basics
Online: Hospital Coding
Hospital Insurance and Billing Basics
Electronic Medical Records
ICD-10 Ready Module A CM

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