Inclement Weather Notifications

If the College cancels classes due to weather conditions, the decision will apply to all campuses.  This will ensure that we have a consistent academic schedule across all locations. Additionally, State agencies are required to close if the county that agency resides in makes a decision to close.  As such, if Anderson, Oconee, or Pickens county offices close, the College will cancel classes at all locations and close the campus in that particular county WITH THE EXCEPTION of Oconee County. If Oconee County offices close, that action will NOT trigger cancelling classes at all campuses due to the small number of classes offered at that location.

All inclement weather notifications will be made available to students and employees as follows:

Emergency Notifications: The College will notify you using the following methods if classes are cancelled or the College is closed.

  • Text: To ensure we have your correct number, log into eTC, Welcome Center Tab. On the left you will see a link to check the phone number to contact you in the event of an emergency or inclement weather. Click on the link to check and update the number if needed. 
  • Voice Alert: A voicemail will be issued to the same number listed for Text above.
  • Email: An email will be issued to all employees and students.

In addition to the Emergency Notifications listed above, inclement weather closing information also will be announced as follows:

  • Recorded Message on Telephone System: Call 864-646-8361 or (toll-free within the 864 area code) 1-866-269-5677. When the automated attendant answers, press "9" for a recorded message
  • Public Website: Visit to check for inclement weather announcements posted at the top of the webpage.
  • eTC: There will be a posting in the Critical Alerts channel on the Message Center tab.

Additional information:

  • Do NOT rely on local media outlets (TV and radio) for closing information and directions. Those announcements are designed for the general public. Please refer to direct communications from the College to be sure that you have complete details.
  • For employees: If the College closes due to one or more counties closing in the service area, only essential personnel (maintenance, Security) should report to work. If classes are cancelled but the College is open, then employees should use their judgment in deciding if it is safe for them to report to work and communicate accordingly with their supervisors.

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