Spring 2015 Thematic Learning Community Offerings

What is a thematic learning community?  A thematic learning community is a Freshman Seminar course (COL 105) that engages you by emphasizing a specific topic or theme embedded in the course.  The theme or specific topic of the course is emphasized while you learn about and practice the behaviors of successful college students.  The thematic learning communities being offered in Spring 2015 are listed below. 

Math CPR: Can Produce Results
COL 105-003 (CRN: 81344), TR 12:45-2:10 p.m., PENDLETON CAMPUS

Tired of working the same math problem and getting a different result every time?  Math CPR can produce the results you are looking for!  In Math CPR, students will improve their study skills to develop ways to be successful in a college math class.  Incorporating past experiences with new-found knowledge, students will find a technique (or line of attack method) that best fits their learning style.  Students that suffer from math anxiety and need some study skills and habits to help them deal with the anxiety would benefit greatly from this course.

TransferMation: Clemson Bridge
COL 105-017 (CRN: 81205), MW 4:05-5:30 p.m., PENDLETON CAMPUS

This course is designed to help new students learn about being successful during their first year in college.  Through class activities and outside assignments, students will be provided opportunities that will facilitate the process of clarifying their educational goals and plans.  Students will be exposed to the skills, behaviors, and attitudes required for academic success at the college level.  During the semester-long course, students will practice concrete learning strategies designed to enhance their learning and academic outcomes.  For students to successfully transfer to Clemson, they will need to be able to discern the expectations and requirements for the transition process.  Learning about the transfer process will be an important element of the course, and students will become familiar with the Clemson and Tri-County campus resources that can assist them with their academic development and engagement in campus activities.  This community is currently limited to Clemson Bridge students.