Spring 2015 Linked Learning Community Offerings

What is a linked learning community?  A linked learning community is a community that links one or two academic courses with a Freshman Seminar course (COL 105) OR a community that links two or more academic courses and embeds Freshman Seminar (COL 105) principles into the linked learning community.  When you enroll in a linked learning community, you will have the same classmates in the classes that make up the linked learning community.  The linked learning community's purpose is to show you the connections between the courses while you explore a theme or specific topic that ties the courses in the community together.   The theme or specific topic of a linked learning community is stressed through integrated (common) assignments, activities, lecture topics, etc.  The linked learning communities being offered in Spring 2015 are listed below.

LIFE: Be Ready for What It Throws at You
COL 105-009 (CRN: 81370), MWF 8-8:55 a.m., PENDLETON CAMPUS

CPT 170-002 (CRN: 80283), MWF 9:05-10 a.m., PENDLETON CAMPUS

Students who enroll in this learning community will learn how to succeed in college by setting goals, multitasking, being responsible, and creating and making use of a support system. By sharing the COL 105 and CPT 170 courses, students will work together to achieve success while also learning to use MS Office and to create an electronic portfolio (that will include but is not limited to a scholarship letter, cover letter, resume, life plan, budget, etc.) in preparation for the future.

The Game of Life
SOC 101-012 (CRN: 80160), TR 11:10a.m.-12:35 p.m., ANDERSON CAMPUS
ENG 101-023 (CRN: 80520), TR 9:35-11:00 a.m., ANDERSON CAMPUS

Do we really have free choice? Are we really responsible for our own success? Or are our lives pre-programmed as part of a larger scheme? Through social experiments, activities, and written assignments, journey through the social world we have created-one that grants power to some and hunger to others.  Come explore how we become the people we are.  Learn the rules for the Game of Life and become a better player!

Chemistry by the Numbers--Quite a Reaction!
CHM 110-001 (CRN: 80937), MWF 9:05-10:00 a.m., PENDLETON CAMPUS
MAT 110-004 (CRN: 80311), MWF 10:10-11:00 a.m., PENDLETON CAMPUS

Are you taking MAT 110 and CHM 110?  You may be interested in Chemistry by the Numbers-Quite a Reaction!  Math skills can help you succeed in understanding a variety of chemistry concepts. This linked chemistry and mathematics learning community will prepare you to be comfortable using one subject to support learning in the other and will give you an opportunity to see direct applications for algebra in career fields.  In this learning community setting, you will learn a process you will use later in your chosen science or health-career field for analyzing information, building equations, and then solving the equations.

Under the Microscope--Exploring Communication in Science
BIO 225-001 (CRN: 80223), TR 8:00-9:25 a.m., PENDLETON CAMPUS
SPC 205-011 (CRN: 80200), TR 9:35-11:00 a.m., PENDLETON CAMPUS

This learning community will focus on public speaking in the field of science as well as strengthening the skills that will lead to public speaking confidence in the classroom, workplace, and community.  The demands of clear communication are not limited to the public speaking classroom. Through college and beyond, science-related presentations are a means of exchanging knowledge and information that is essential to scientific endeavors. For example, you may be required to inform an audience of how you arrived at your research conclusions.  So if you are headed into the field of science or medicine, this learning community is what you are looking for! 

Don't Take Your Tools and Go Home: Understanding and Communicating with People at Work
ENG 165-001 (CRN: 80988), MWF 12:20-1:15 p.m., PENDLETON CAMPUS
PSY 120-002 (CRN:81713), MWF 11:15 a.m.-12:10 p.m., PENDLETON CAMPUS

What was she thinking???  THAT is NOT in MY job description!  Is my résumé good enough?  Why would someone want to hire me?  Are these questions that you find yourself asking?  If they are, then these courses are for YOU!!!  Building on the theme of success in the workplace, these courses will emphasize the importance of expository writing and public speaking through practice and development of communication skills while studying the basic psychological principals of supervision and organizational dynamics.  The emphasis is placed on people skills and general human relation techniques in the workplace while developing academic survival skills for higher education and the future.  This community is currently limited to students in the Engineering & Industrial Technology Division.