FAQs about TAP

What is TAP?

The opportunity to receive college credit at Tri-County Technical College for courses taken in high school, mostly in occupational and technical areas, which enable you to gain skills and knowledge equivalent to what's required in a TCTC certificate, diploma, or degree program.  There is no need to repeat content which you have already learned with TAP, you just need to show a skill with one of the requirements listed below; set by the appropriate department.

  • Completion of a TAP exam;
  • Verification of competencies you have achieved through portfolio or skills assessment;
  • Completion of a transition course; and/or

How can TAP credit help me?
TAP credit is a way to . . .

  • get a head start on your college studies;
  • obtain College credit and/or advanced standing for one of Tri-County's degree, diploma, or certificate programs;
  • save time and money (it's free); and/or
  • carry a lighter course load during one or more terms at Tri-County.

While students may earn a number of credits at Tri-County Technical College by participating in Technical Advanced Placement, a minimum of twenty-five percent of the credit hours required for a certificate, diploma, or associate degree must be earned through courses taken at Tri-County Technical College.

How do I know if I might be eligible for TAP credit?
If you have completed any high school course(s) listed in the TAP Student Handbook and plan to pursue a degree, diploma or certificate at Tri-County Technical College, then you may be eligible to pursue TAP credit. 

How much does it cost?
There is no fee.

What are the steps for earning TAP credit?
Earning TAP credit involves obtaining a teacher recommendation and one or more of the following:

  • Completion of a TAP exam;
  • Verification of competencies you have achieved through portfolio or skills assessment;
  • Completion of a transition course; and/or

To get started, follow these four steps . . .

Step One:
Review the TAP Student Handbook which contains:

  • General information about TAP, as well as background on the articulation process;
  • Specific high school and Tri-County courses which have been articulated for TAP credit, organized by college major.

Step Two:

After determining which course(s) you wish to pursue for TAP credit, have a Competency Verification/Teacher Recommendation (CVTR) form completed by your occupational/career center teacher.

Step Three:

Send the Teacher Recommendation Form to the the contact person listed on the form. This will officially start the TAP process, which is described in more detail in the TAP Student Handbook.

Step Four:

See the TAP Student Handbook for additional procedures that must be completed (like a TAP exam) for the course(s) in which you are seeking TAP credit and/or advanced standing.

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