College Readiness Initiative (CRI)

Are you ready for college? Since 2006, thousands of area high school juniors have participated in Tri-County's College Readiness Initiative (CRI). The CRI provides valuable information regarding readiness for college in English, reading, and mathematics.

Juniors at participating high schools take Tri-County's COMPASS placement assessment and receive feedback from Tri-County representatives regarding their scores. Based on COMPASS scores and other information received in post-COMPASS workshops, students are able to develop post-secondary plans with more clarity regarding their readiness for college courses.

Some students do not have a plan to attend college prior to COMPASS testing, but then find their scores to be at the college level and become excited about the possibilities. Many students become motivated to improve their level of college readiness in order to avoid the cost and time of taking remedial courses in college. Regardless of whether you plan to attend Tri-County after graduation, to participate in dual enrollment in your senior year, or to attend a 4-year college, knowing whether you are college ready in English and math in the fall of your junior year will be valuable information as you plan the remainder of your high school studies.

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