Several options are available for high school students who enroll in Tri-County Technical College's Career Pathways for Success: Dual Enrollment Program, including

 University Transfer

High school students, who plan to eventually earn an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degree at a 2 year college or a Bachelor's Degree at a 4 year institution, may start on their degree early by taking college courses while still in high school.  Dual enrollment students should take courses that transfer toward their major at the 2 or 4 year institution they are planning to attend after high school graduation. For a list of common university transfer courses taken at TCTC by high school dual enrollment students, please see page 6 of the Dual Enrollment Orientation Booklet. Courses that transfer to EVERY STATE-FUNDED PUBLIC COLLEGE in the state of SC, are denoted by a * on page 7 of the booklet. Also in the booklet on page 9, there is a list of courses required of 4 year degree majors, recommended by the SC Commission on Higher Education.  

Technical Career Pathways

Technical Career Pathways enable high school students to earn college credit in technical fields, such as Mechatronics, HVAC (Heating, Vent, & Air Conditioning), Industrial Electronics, Welding, and Automotive Technology.  Some programs enable students to earn a college credential prior to high school graduation and go to work immediately or, students may continue at Tri-County to earn their associate degree. Each of these certificates leads specifically into Associate Degree programs, if the student wishes to further their training and education in that field.  Please click here for more information on specific Career Pathways programs offered by TCTC and approved by your school district. 



  • At your high school, career center campus, or other school district approved site

  • At Tri-County's Pendleton, Anderson, Easley, and Oconee campuses, Watkins Community Center in Honea Path, Industrial Technology Center in Sandy Springs

  • Via the Internet (online)

Talk to your principal, guidance counselor, or homeschool association to determine if dual enrollment is right for you and what options are available through your high school. 

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