Program Overview and Eligibility Criteria

Connect to College enables academically capable youth between the ages of 17-20 to simultaneously earn their high school diploma and college credit, up to and including a postsecondary credential. The first of its kind in South Carolina, Connect is a "second chance" program for students who, for a variety of reasons, have not been successful in a traditional high school. The program provides students with intensive support services that build confidence and foster success in a collegiate learning environment.

Students in Connect to College (C2C) take college courses taught by college faculty on Tri-County's Pendleton Campus. (With approval, students are permitted to take one or more courses on the Easley, Anderson, or Oconee campuses of Tri-County Technical College.) Students may also, with permission, take one or more courses through the South Carolina Virtual School Program (SCVSP). Courses offered through SCVSP are online and available for high school credit only.

The program covers the costs for tuition and textbooks. Students are required to pay College fees each semester and to cover their own costs for transportation, child care, and supplies. Students must also pay any debts they owe to Tri-County Technical College (such as library fines and parking fines). There is no financial assistance available to offset the cost of fees, transportation/child care, supplies, or fines. Connect to College does not provide van or bus transportation.

To be eligible for admission to Connect to College, the student must

  • Be 17-20 years old.
  • Be a legal resident of South Carolina and live in Anderson, Oconee, or Pickens County.
  • Not have earned a high school diploma, high school certificate, or GED prior to enrolling in the program.
  • Have a "qualifying circumstance" (something that makes completing the diploma in a traditional high school setting unlikely).
  • Submit a completed sponsorship form from a public high school in Anderson, Oconee, or Pickens County.
  • Complete all phases of the program's intensive exploration, testing, and assessment process.
  • Demonstrate reasonable academic potential and the personal motivation to complete the program (i.e., graduate with a high school diploma and college credit).
  • Be deemed by Connect to College staff to be able to complete the requirements for a high school diploma before or during the academic year of his/her 21st birthday. (And academic year is comprised of the fall, spring, and summer terms as described in the Tri-County Technical College Academic Calendar.)

To be eligible to continue in Connect to College, the student must

  • Be making reasonable progress toward graduation.
  • Maintain eligibility to receive South Carolina Lottery Tuition assistance (i.e., achieve a GPA of 2.0 after attempting 24 or more credit hours at the end of each summer term).
  • Adhere to all College policies and procedures regarding student conduct.
  • Satisfy all debts and financial obligations to the College (including, but not limited to semester fees, parking and library fines, etc.).

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