Application Process

Please review the Program Overview and Eligibility Criteria before completing the application process.

Step 1: Sign up for an Overview Session.

Contact the Connect to College (C2C) Office to sign up for an Overview Session. You can call 864-646-1461 or email us at

Step 2: Prepare for the Overview Session.

  • Ask a parent/guardian, relative, or other support person to attend the Overview Session with you. We encourage you to bring someone with you to the Overview Session. In fact, we offer a special break-out discussion just for parents and family members! (The Overview Session will last about 3½ hours.)
  • (Optional) Bring an unofficial transcript from each high school you previously attended.
  • Be sure you've arranged to get time off from work or other responsibilities so you can participate in the entire Overview Session, which should last about 3½ hours.

Step 3: Attend the Overview Session. (Location: Pickens Hall, room 130; Pendleton Campus; park in Visitor Parking in front of Miller Hall.)

  • Understand that the Overview Session includes general information about all the options to earn a high school credential, not just Connect to College. (Although the Overview Session focuses mostly on Connect.)
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Read over the materials in the application packet.
  • Be prepared to take the TABE reading test during that time. (The reading test takes about an hour.)
  • Practice for the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) reading test. When you access these URLs, be sure to scroll down until you see the practice tests.
  • Understand that you (and, if you prefer, the person who accompanied you to the Overview Session) will have an individual meeting at the end of the session to receive test results and an individualized plan for "next steps."

Step 4: Prepare for the Assessment Session.

  • Complete the application form, if you haven't already done so.
  • Write the essays.
  • Obtain an unofficial transcript from each high school you previously attended, if you haven't already done so.
  • Obtain a copy of your Individual Education Plan or 504 Plan, if applicable.
  • Practice for the Accuplacer placement test.
  • Be sure you have a photo ID that you can bring with you to the Assessment Session, and that it's current (not expired).
  • Be sure you've arranged to get time off from work or other responsibilities so you can participate in the entire Assessment Session, which should last about four hours.

Step 5: Attend an Assessment Session. (Location: Pickens Hall, room 125; Pendleton Campus; park in Visitor Parking in front of Miller Hall.)

  • Submit your completed application, your essays, your unofficial transcripts, and your IEP/504 plan (if applicable, and if you have a copy).
  • Complete the Accuplacer placement test.
  • Participate in an interview with a C2C staff member and receive an interpretation of your Accuplacer test scores.
  • Complete Tri-County Technical College forms.

Step 6: Submit Remaining Connect to College Forms.

  • Take the "Sponsorship Form" and the "High School Information Form" to the guidance office of the public high school you hope to sponsor you in Connect to College. Have an official from the school complete the forms and give them to you so you can submit them to us. Or, you can have the school fax the forms to us at (864) 646-1463, attention: Cathy Strasser, Connect to College Office Manager.
  • Don't expect school officials to be able to complete the forms on the spot! They're usually very busy and may need a couple of days to get them done. Be prepared to follow-up!
  • Talk to a Connect to College staff member if you're not sure which school should be your sponsor high school for C2C.

Step 7: Await Decision of Connect to College Admission Committee.

The last step in Connect's admission process is a review of your application materials by the Connect to College Admission Committee (C2CAC), once several applicant files are ready for consideration. The committee is comprised of the Connect Director, the Support Specialist, and the Instructional/Testing Specialist. The most significant factor in determining whether or not to offer someone a space in C2C is "fit" - whether the program seems right for the student and whether the student seems right for the program. In addition to "fit," the Committee also reviews each candidate's file to ensure that the

  • eligibility requirements are met, including residency;
  • results of discussions and the assessment interview provide a reasonable expectation that the applicant appears committed and motivated to completing a high school diploma and a college credential through the Connect to College program;
  • applicant appears to have a reasonable plan (and back-up options) for transportation, child care, and for covering program costs;
  • applicant can reasonably be expected to complete all diploma requirements by the time he/she turns 21 or within the academic year of his/her 21st birthday.

All applicants to Connect to College will receive a telephone call regarding the outcome of the Connect to College Admission Committee's decision. All applicants, whether they are offered a space in the program or not, receive detailed information about "next steps"-either to attend orientation and start classes or to pursue an alternative program that will better suit their needs. An official acceptance letter will be provided to students who are offered (and accept) a space in Connect to College.

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