2014-2015 Curriculum Worksheets for Bridge to Clemson Students

Curriculum worksheets outline required courses and Tri-County equivalents for the associated Clemson academic program (major). Students are expected to be familiar with general education and academic program-specific requirements for their intended academic program as outlined in the Clemson Undergraduate Announcements. Additionally, students must satisfy any Tri-County prerequisites for the courses listed. Students must earn 30 transferrable credits with a grade of "C" or better at Tri-County and a 2.5 GPA during their Bridge year to complete Bridge program requirements.

If any of the academic program requirements listed on the worksheet are met through dual enrollment and/or AP/IB credit or students wish to enroll in other courses, consult the Clemson Undergraduate Announcements and the Bridge Student Academic Guide for additional coursework that fulfills major and Bridge academic requirements to ensure transferability. The Bridge Student Academic Guide is available on the TCTC Bridge to Clemson webpage.  

Note that worksheets are provided for all Clemson academic programs, including limited enrollment academic programs. Students who choose to follow the curriculum sequence for a limited enrollment major cannot be guaranteed the opportunity to successfully change into that major upon transfer to Clemson. The limited enrollment majors are: Architecture Design, Communication Studies, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Health Science, Nursing, Production Studies (Audio), Parks Recreation and Tourism Management - Professional Golf Management, Secondary Education - Social Studies (History), Special Education, and Sports Communication.

These worksheets are supplemental planning aids and are for informational purposes only.

College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences
Agricultural Education - All Emphasis Areas

Agricultural Mechanization and Business

Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences Undeclared

Animal and Veterinary Sciences - Animal Agribusiness Concentration

Animal and Veterinary Sciences - Equine Business Concentration

Animal and Veterinary Sciences - Preveterinary and Science Concentration


Biological Sciences - BA

Biologicial Sciences - BA Pre-Rehabilitation Sciences Emphasis Area

Biological Sciences - BS and all emphasis areas

Environmental and Natural Resources - Conservation Biology Concentration

Environmental and Natural Resources - Natural Resource and Economic Policy Concentration

Environmental and Natural Resources - Natural Resources Management Concentration

Food Science - Food Science and Technology Concentration

Food Science - Nutrition and Dietetics Concentration

Forest Resource Management - BS & Land Surveying Emphasis



Microbiology - BS and Biomedicine Concentration

Packaging Science

Preprofessional Health Studies - Pre-Med and Pre-Dental

Preprofessional Health Studies - Pre-Pharmacy

Preprofessional Health Studies - Prerehabilitation Sciences

Plant and Environmental Sciences - Agricultural Biotechnology Concentration

Plant and Environmental Sciences - Agronomy Concentration

Plant and Environmental Sciences - Soil and Water Science Concentration


Wildlife and Fisheries Biology

College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities

Communication Studies

Construction Science and Management



Humanities Undeclared

Landscape Architecture

Language and International Health

Language and International Trade

Modern Languages


Production Studies in Performing Arts - Audio Technology

Production Studies in Performing Arts - Music

Production Studies in Performing Arts - Theatre

Visual Arts

College of Business and Behavioral Science

Anthropology - BA

Anthropology - BS


Graphic Communications

Political Science - BA

Political Science - BS


Psychology - BA

Psychology - BS

Sociology - BA

Sociology - BS

College of Engineering and Science
Chemistry - BA

Chemistry - BS

Computer Information Systems

Computer Science - BA

Computer Science - BS

General Engineering

Geology - BS Environmental Science Concentration

Geology -- BS Hydrogeology Concentration

Mathematical Science - BA

Mathematical Science - BS

Mathematical Sciences - BS Biology Concentration

Physics - BA

Physics - BS

Physics - BS Biophysics Concentration

College of Health, Education, and Human Development
Early Childhood Education

Elementary Education

Health Science - Cardiovascular Imaging Leadership Concentration

Health Science - Health Promotion and Education Concentration

Health Science - Health Services Administration Concentration

Health Science - Pre-Professional Health Studies Concentration

Mathematics Teaching


Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management - Community, Rec, Sport, and Camp Management Concentration

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management - Park Conservation Area Management Concentration

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management - Professional Golf Management

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management - Recreation Therapy Concentration

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management - Travel and Tourism Concentration

Science Teaching - Biological Sciences - BA

Science Teaching - Biological Sciences - BS

Science Teaching - Chemistry

Science Teaching - Physcial Science

Science Teaching - Physics

Secondary Education - English

Secondary Education - Mathematics

Secondary Education - Social Studies (History)

Special Education


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