Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tri-County Named a 2014 Back to Work 50+ Participant in AARP Foundation Initiative



            PENDLETON --- BACK TO WORK 50+ @ Tri-County Technical College is a new initiative in the Pendleton area aimed at putting unemployed individuals, age 50 and above, back into the workforce.  Tri-County Technical College is one of 12 community colleges nationwide chosen to receive a new AARP Foundation grant.

            The two-year, $165,200 BACK TO WORK 50+ grant targets the needs of low-income, older adult women, and offers training in healthcare support, office and administrative support and computer occupations that leads to in-demand jobs.

            BACK TO WORK 50+ @ Tri-County Technical College is dedicated to moving low-income, unemployed men and women, age 50 and above, from instability to stability by increasing their income through employment in good jobs in their communities, said Sandra Strickland, program manager for the 50+ grant.

Link to WYFF Coverage on Tri-County Technical College's BACK TO WORK 50+ Program 

            "Specifically for  BACK TO WORK 50+, our Corporate and Community Education Division will be able to offer a number of training scholarships in select QuickJobs certificates that include Administrative Microsoft Office Specialist, Medical Office Billing and Electronic Health Records, Computer Technician A+ and Web Design," said Strickland.  

            "Tri-County will host local information sessions where job candidates can learn about the Coaching Program where they will learn how to update their personal marketing tools and networking strategies, target their job search for in-demand jobs, get job leads, and find resources that can help them while they're looking for their next full-time job," said Strickland.  Information sessions are scheduled as follows: Friday, March 21, 10 a.m. - noon; Thursday, May 1, 2 - 4 p.m.; Wednesday, July 16, 2- 4 p.m.; and Wednesday, October 1, 2 - 4 p.m.

            All sessions will be held on the Pendleton Campus in the Industrial and Business Development Center.  To sign up, individuals should call AARP Foundation toll-free at 1-855-850-2525 or for more information on the program visit BACK TO WORK 50+ online at

            "This grant addresses a critical issue with individuals over the age of 50 -- obtaining a job with a sustainable wage," said Strickland. 

            "More than 3 million workers age 50-plus are looking for full-time employment.  Mature workers bring assets to the workplace that employers need," said Tri-County President Ronnie L. Booth. "The expansion of BACK TO WORK 50+ will encourage a multi-generational workforce that brings value to employers and older Americans alike," he said.

            "Tri-County Technical College has always served a diverse student population, including adult learners looking to retrain for the workforce," added Dr. Booth.  "We appreciate the AARP Foundation's interest in working with community colleges and recognizing that our college can help support older and unemployed workers in a variety of ways."

            The College will offer participants access to a specifically designed version of the Virtual Career Network career exploration platform that was developed by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) through a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor. Participants in the program will use this innovative web-based tool to explore and prepare for careers in high-growth fields.

            AARP Foundation launched BACK TO WORK 50+ in 2012 to increase the services and resources available to job candidates age 50 and older nationally and in communities and to facilitate their access to in-demand jobs.

             In October 2013, AARP Foundation and the AACC launched a collaboration that will expand BACK TO WORK 50+ by making it available at community colleges in 15 different locations.

            The services provided by BACK TO WORK 50+ are available due in large part to the generous support of a $2.3 million grant from Wal-Mart Foundation, which allows AARP Foundation to focus on increasing economic opportunity for older adult women by providing education, training and employment services that facilitate their entry into good jobs in their communities.


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