Friday, September 17, 2010

Ghost Hunting 101 to be Held October 7 - 28

CONTACT: 646-1700

PENDLETON --- On a regular basis, the Ghost PRO team gets calls or e-mails from strangers, telling them about peculiar and out of the ordinary happenings, such as objects or furniture moving in their home, lights flashing on and off in rooms, or doors opening and shutting on their own.

They've begun doing their own research on the Internet and have run across the website,, and want Catherine Vinson and her teammates, Ghost PRO (Paranormal Research Organization), to investigate these unexplained activities further. Based in Upstate South Carolina, Ghost PRO is a non-profit paranormal research organization whose goal is to assist those who are experiencing unexplained activities in their homes or businesses. Through careful observation, in-depth research, investigative data collection and unbiased analysis, the group attempts to provide an explanation for the events being experienced.

"We help people who have the experience of things going bump in the night," said Vinson, who works as a training coordinator by day. "There's a lot of misinformation about how to investigate the possibility of paranormal activity," said Vinson, who is teaching Ghost Hunting 101 at Tri-County Technical College. The class will be held October 7 - 28 on Thursdays from 7 - 9 p.m.

"It's a class for those who want to learn how to ghost hunt or investigate the paranormal," said Vinson. Participants will learn best practices for ghost hunting, investigating, reviewing evidence and presenting evidence to the client.

"The first thing I say is to get the Hollywood notions out of your head," said Vinson.

"The Ghost PRO team's mission is to create a bridge of understanding between the misunderstood and often frightening world of the paranormal and our own living world. We strive to maintain a healthy skepticism that has served us well as we attempt to debunk the presumed paranormal occurrences we investigate," said Vinson.

In two years, GhostPro has investigated 12 - 14 cases of paranormal activity across the Upstate and even into North Carolina. "We're here to help people," she said.

There are the naysayers, she said, with the most common comment being "you don't believe in that junk, do you?' to persons opening up and talking about their experiences and sharing what they believe. "TV shows like The Ghost Whisperer and Ghost Hunters have made it okay to talk about paranormal activity," she said.

"We want people to learn the proper techniques for ghost hunting. We are truly on a mission to help people. The class is for people who really want answers and to get proof of unexplained events," she said.

"We've all had experiences of our own. We will help persons to figure out solutions. It's often about empowering them to take control and get rid of the fear."

To register, contact Tri-County Technical College's Corporate and Community Education Division at 646-1700 or contact Vinson at or

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