Historical Mall

The Historical Mall at the Anderson Campus

In June 2011, Tri-County Technical College and the Anderson County Museum announced a new partnership to benefit both institutions and the Greater Anderson Area. The vision of this partnership is to celebrate our cultural and historical diversity and to appreciate our unique heritage in Anderson County. A number of joint projects and exhibits are planned, including the building of a Historical Mall area at the College's Anderson Campus.

Two major projects within this historical mall have been identified.

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The first is a full-scale reproduction of a one-teacher Rosenwald School. Rosenwald Schools were the primary facilities for the education of African-American children in the South from around 1912 through desegregation. These schools are an important part of our heritage that's slipping away. We intend to help preserve and promote that history through this project that showcases Rosenwald Schools in Anderson County. Construction on a single-teacher school began at the Anderson Campus in January of 2012 and was completed in early 2014.
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The Anderson Campus held a dedication ceremony on February 28, 2014. Click here for a video of the school's dedication and  here for other pictures of the ceremony and participants.

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The second planned project will be a full-scale reproduction of an electric trolley that ran in Anderson during the first part of the Twentieth Century. Until around 1936, these trollies carried hundreds of workers to nearby textile mills and residents to parks and other local destinations, helping make Anderson one of the first electrified cities in the nation at that time.

This partnership also serves as a hands-on learning opportunity for Tri-County students in our Engineering and Industrial Technology programs, such as Building Construction and Welding. As our students build these projects, they are also learning about the rich history and cultural impacts behind them. During and after construction, the Historical Mall at the Anderson Campus will provide for additional exposure of Anderson related history and artifacts to a wider range of publics and better connect the Anderson Campus and the Anderson County Museum with the communities we serve.

We welcome inquiries from additional Partners and Sponsors.

  • Partners are those entities that logically connect to and enhance our partnership efforts.
  • Sponsors are those businesses and/or individuals who can support our efforts through financial or in-kind donations.

Please contact Tim Bowen, Anderson Campus Director, if you are interested in being involved in this initiative. Call (864) 650-6705 or send email to tbowen3@tctc.edu.