LC2 /Title III

Learning through Community and Connections (LC2)Learning through Community and Connections

LC2, a five-year U.S. Department of Education Title III Strengthening Institutions grant, will fund work that enables Tri-County to provide an approach to learning that emphasizes a variety of learning experiences and skills development in a community environment which includes advising and an academic resource network. LC2 increases options for opportunities to strengthen success skills and to form relationships that support academic goal accomplishment as well as increase involvement in campus events and activities. Work began in October 2010 and will continue for five years according to the following timetable:


LC2 Implementation Timetable by Year





Learning Communities






  • Thematic Communities






  • Linked Communities






  • Integrated Communities






Academic Support Network






  • Extended Orientation and Readiness Assessment






  • Enhanced Advising and Electronic Education Plan






  • Academic Monitoring and Intervention System







LC2 Academic Support Network

The LC2 Academic Support Network provides tools to assist students with a smooth transition into the college learning environment. Through an extended orientation, students will find out important information about their college readiness and identify career goals, as well as participate in learning activities that will give them a "jumpstart" to success.


Students will also benefit from an enhanced advising process that involves creating an educational plan designed to provide direction and assistance in helping students meet their goals. The plan is filed electronically and available online, accessible on all campuses and locations that have secured internet access.

Information available in the Academic Support Network will help students and their advisors track progress, identify obstacles, and contact appropriate faculty and staff to assist students with addressing academic-related concerns. The system enables faculty and staff to work with students to find solutions for overcoming academic obstacles before those obstacles become overwhelming.

LC2 Learning Communities

LC2 provides students with three options for learning community experiences.

  1. Thematic communities center learning experiences on specific topics embedded in the curriculum of COL 105 (Freshman Seminar).
  2. Linked communities provide students with an integrated approach to learning by linking one or two academic courses with a COL 105 (Freshman Seminar) course.
  3. Integrated communities introduce students to characteristics and behaviors needed for academic success by embedding key components of the COL 105 (Freshman Seminar) curriculum into an existing academic course.


LC2 Benefits to Students

The Academic Support Network and Learning Communities provide and foster a wide range of connections for students as they work toward success in pursuing and achieving their goals.

More students will:

  • Successfully complete their coursework
  • Persist to the second semester
  • Continue to the second year
  • Graduate

Contact the LC2 Support Network

T3 Project Coordinator: Sarah Shumpert, Director of Instructional Support

T3 Activity Directors:

Academic Support Network Coordinator: Lou Ann Martin

Learning Communities Coordinator: Amoena B. Norcross

Administrative Specialist: Cheryl Enfinger

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